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Why Developing Success

Our Objective & Output
100% Success in all Competitive Exams

Above all

“One thing that matters to you and us, is your Result and Success

In the following table, we have attempted to help you in analyzing that why we are different from other coaching institutes and why we are the best.



Civil Services (UPSC) Examination

Pedagogical/ Approach Practiced

ØMost Unique Pedagogical approach. At Developing Success 100% personalized attention to each and every student.

ØApart from this weekly evaluation of performance of all students.

ØSummarization of all notes and information in class room itself.

Ø Weekly Newspaper classes

Batch Strength

Only 50 per batch. Since personalized attention does not gets dissolved.

Strategic Planning

At Developing Success, we believe that all five fingers are not equal, therefore each student have his/ her positives and negatives. Thus for each student our mentor develop different strategy. This strategy is pen down in the evaluation sheet of every student.


Every week evaluation is done. Every second week the exam is conducted.

MCQ and subjective exams are conducted alternatively

Answer Writing (Descriptive)

At Developing Success the objective is to ensure all our students who aspire to become Civil Servants, they are well aware of answer writing techniques, since this is the only skill which will bring them success in Mains Examination. Every week one class is dedicated to answer writing.

Concept Clarity and analysis

Paramount importance is given to concept clarity and complete analysis. It is important for us that every student of our, has his/her concept right and has complete analysis.

Regular Debates

As civil services require dynamic and people having thinking- equilibrium, thus at Developing Success in-house and out-house debates are regularly organized. In which our ex-students who are already in service also participate.


Regular interactive seminars are organized with serving and retired bureaucrats, so that our students are equipped with expertise and insights of civil services.


Regular updation of not only study material is done. On every Wednesday, whole week’s Current Affairs are discussed in the class room itself.

Course Duration

Ø  Foundation Batch- One and a half Years (PT Cum Mains)

Ø  PT Crash Course – 3 months

Ø  Mains – 3 months

LifeTime Association

Unless and  until our students gets in Civil Services, he/ she is entitled to attend all batches


Philosophy Option(Duraion :3 Months)